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International Workshops

Master Helen Wu offers workshops for achieving optimal health

吳小蓉老師養生專題講座:《心路》– 練功與自我覺醒


These workshops will help you develop the integration of body, mind and self-awareness. Emphasis on relieving stress and tension; relieving neck, shoulder and back pain and promoting joint mobility and flexibility. They are energizing workshops with traditional training methods. Focus will be on achieving optimal health.

Also, the training will help students in refining the energy from the Jing (精) to Qi (气); from the Qi to Shen (神); from the Shen to emptiness (虚); from the emptiness towards the truth (道). Students will be able to understand the real source of Chi-Kung or Tai-Chi and be able to achieve an internal balance. You will experience a sense of self-cultivation.

Workshops of Chinese Martial Arts & Chinese Medicine Combined Training System (University Undergraduate Program)
Taught by Master Helen Wu:

  • Wang’s Therapeutic Chi-Kung – 24 Postures
  • Wang’s Therapeutic 13 Stump Chi-Kung
  • Flying Rainbow Tai-Chi Fan and Kung-Fu Fan
  • Essential Tai-Chi Chuan for Health and Wellness

Standard Arrangement:

Normally, organizers will send Master Wu a formal invitation outlining the following items:

  • The total number of expected teaching hours and the subjects. Please note that minimum number of teaching hours per day is 3 hours; the maximum number is 6 hours. When you decide the total number of hours for instruction, Masters will create a teaching plan and schedule.
  • Teaching fee is US$250 per hour. Payments must be made in cashier’s check or money order when the workshop has been completed.
  • Travel expenses (airfare and lodging – hotel) will be provided by the organizers.

That is a standard arrangement, but we recognize that each of our organizers may have special needs and requirements. We would be happy to discuss any elements of the contract in person or over the phone.

If you have any questions at all, please call Master Helen Wu at Cell: 1-416-919-7652, Email:



講座专题:《心路》– 練功與自我覺醒

  • “黄帝内经”的养生智慧
  • “自我觉悟“是慢性病患者康复的关鍵
  • 王氏医疗气功 – 祛病延年24勢的养生功效
  • 王氏“武医结合” 教學體系的传承與教練員的認證
  • 教練員如何融太极哲学及武德精髓于教學训练之中
  • 飞虹扇功的养生功效 – “美感‘在抚慰心灵创伤中不可忽略的作用


  • 醫療氣功 -《祛病延年二十四势》- 加拿大约克大學的本科教程
  • 养生冥想桩功《十三太保功 》- 加拿大约克大學的本科教程
  • 《飞虹太極與功夫扇的傳承》- 加拿大约克大學的本科教程
  • 《保健太极》- 加拿大约克大學的本教程


  1. 吴老师将根据训练时间而制定讲座内容 (课时3 – 6 小时 / 天)
  2. 劳务费:每小时250美元。(付款方式:现金或银行本票)
  3. 车旅费包括机票,宾馆食宿請主办方提供

联系方式:手机 1-416-919-7652;邮箱

Fan Workshop, Equilibrius, Ribeirao, Brazil

Grandmaster Ju-Rong Wang, Dr. Cheng-De Wu and Master Helen Wu taught workshops at “the Taste of China”, West Virginia, US

Northern Karate School

Chi Kung workshop by Master Helen Wu and Master Simon Hu, Northern Karate School, Toronto