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Master Simon Hu

(Disciple of Grandmaster Zi-Ping Wang and Prof Ju-Rong Wang)

王氏武术第三代传人: 胡泽华老师

Master Simon Hu – balancing, Toronto

Master Simon Hu, also trained in the lineage of Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping and Prof. Wang Ju Rong, is a superb teacher of Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, and Kung Fu.   His teachers also include the eminent Chinese Tai-Chi Grandmaster Liu-Xin Gu and Grandmaster Bin-Quan He.

Master Hu began his training in China in 1968.  While attracted to and adept in the techniques and martial aspects of Kung Fu and Tai-Chi, he also identifies strongly with these practices as a path towards spiritual awakening, signified by personal energy and health that can be extended to others. He was an outstanding student under Prof. Wang Ju Rong in Shanghai.

Master Hu immigrated to Canada in 1990.  He has been active in the overseas Chinese martial arts community as judge in both Canada and the USA.   In the intimacy of his classes and private sessions, he reveals his superior focus on the philosophy of tai chi theory for meditation and health.  He shows the Way through his teaching of balance for optimal health and his perfect performance of form.  He still studies the “Tao Te Ching” as a sourcebook that examines the subtler undercurrents of flowing energy ranging from quantum mechanics to whirling galaxies.  His disciplined meditations connect martial arts practise with healing techniques like Qi Gong and daily self-cultivation following the Tao.  The recognition of the human meridian system that forms the energy-body uncovers the singular essence of energy as unified.  The more you can feel it, the more you sense the spiritual in the physical moves so that path to enlightenment opens one’s capacity for the highest quality of life.  Health means wholeness as integration of body/mind/spirit.

Master Hu – age 14 years, Shanghai, China

Master Hu has taught Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi for many years in Canada. What is Zhen-Yuan Tai-Chi? Here is the explanation by Master Simon Hu:

Master Hu – 16 years, Shanghai, China










Easy, slow, circular, expanding Tai-Chi Chuan,
Ming-Men guiding all movement; lift your spirit up to Bai-Hui,
Yin-Yang spiral force light into the lightness, then into the emptiness.
Refine the energy from the Jing (精) to Qi (气); from the Qi to Shen (神); from the Shen to emptiness (虚); from the emptiness towards the truth (道). That will attain completeness in life.


Poem by Master Simon Hu; it is the training goals for his students.