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Tai-Chi Fan Instructor

Private Certification Workshop:

Flying Rainbow Tai-Chi Fan Instructor (12-hour program)


Workshop Descriptions:

Flying Rainbow Tai-Chi Fan Instructor Certification Workshops will be offered at Helen Wu’s Tai-Chi Studio. The program will include theory and practicum training with a total of 12 hours. Once you have decided to join the program, Grandmaster Helen Wu will design a course outline based on your preferences for training times, dates and schedules.

Grandmaster Helen Wu will teach a maximum of up to two students per class for each workshop. Students will become qualified teachers to impart the Flying Rainbow Tai-Chi Fan training system, including self-therapy and natural healing. This training system also helps people with Parkinson’s.

Flying Rainbow Tai-Chi Fan techniques promote vital energy accumulation and blood circulation. Injured structures can be repaired and the impaired functions can be improved. Tai-Chi Fan techniques, based on ancient Chinese martial arts, also incorporate the teachings of Professor Ju-Rong Wang and her daughter Grandmaster Helen Wu, reflecting on decades of teaching experience.

Training Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Major intersection is Bellamy Rd N & Lawrence Ave E. Contact Grandmaster Helen Wu for studio location.

Fee and Payment Methods: $1,200 (12-hour workshop) per student. The text book and fan will be included. $200 / session; students may pay with certified cheque or cash to Grandmaster Helen Wu  at each workshop.

Fee and Payment Methods for International students: US$1,200 (12-hour workshop) students may pay with certified cheque or cash to Grandmaster Helen Wu  at the first workshop.

Please Note: Students will not be penalized for failing to complete the training program, but may resume their training in the future, from whatever point they reached, in order to acquire the certification.

Registration: Please call Grandmaster Helen Wu at 416-919-7652


                                                Workshop Schedule (A maximum of two students per class for each workshop.)


Class Time



Workshop 1

2-Hour Class

Part 1: History and Lineage of Flying Rainbow Tai-Chi Fan

Part 2: Fundamental Techniques of Tai-Chi Single Fan

Helen Wu

Workshop 2

2-Hour Class

Part 3: Flying Rainbow Tai-Chi Single Fan Routine

Helen Wu

Workshop 3

2-Hour Class

Part 4: Review and Instructional Class (Part 2 – 3)

Helen Wu

Workshop 4

2-Hour Class

Part 5: Two-Person Tai-Chi Single Fan Applications

Part 6: Two-Person Tai-Chi Single Fan Routine

Helen Wu

Workshop 5

2-Hour Class

Part 7: Review and Instructional Class (Part 5 – 6)

Helen Wu

Workshop 6

2-Hour Class

Part 8: Review and Instructional Class (Part 3)

Part 9: Practical Exam: Flying Rainbow Tai-Chi Single Fan

Part 10: Certification

Helen Wu