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Master Grace Wu-Monnat & Master Lucy Wu

Grandmaster Grace Wu-Monnat


Master Grace Wu is Grandmaster Helen’s younger sister who is teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi in the US

Grace received a bachelor’s degree in physical education with an emphasis in Chinese martial arts from Shanghai Teacher’s University. She was selected as a member of Shanghai Wushu teams and attended the Second National Minority Sports Games inInner Mongolia. With her parents, Grace has co-authored a number of published articles on Wushu routines and Wushu for health in a few magazines. She and her parents also authored three volumes of the series “A Highly Respected Master Teaches You Martial Arts” – Grandmaster Zi-Ping Wang’s Martial Arts Routines Repertoire Selection, Grandmaster Zi-Ping Wang’s Skill at Martial Arts Technique, and Grandmaster Zi-Ping Wang’s Martial Arts Weapon Repertoire Selection – in the highly respected martial arts Masters instructional series.

After immigrating to the United States, Grace received a Master’s degree in Sports Administration fromWichitaStateUniversity. She is the owner and instructor of the Grace Wu Kung-Fu School in Wichita,Kansas.  Over the years, she has also served as a judge of numerous regional, national and international Chinese martial arts tournaments in the United States and China. To promote Chinese martial arts beyond the sports world, Grace and her husband, Dan Monnat, a lawyer and principle partner in Monnat and Spurrier Chartered, developed a continuing legal education program based on Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War,  martial arts strategies, and practical legal principles entitled, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:  Kung-Fu Strategies for Trial.”  Together they have taught the wisdom of Wushu principles and strategies to lawyers across the United States.


吴小高毕业于上海师范大学体育系武术专业,留美后,在威奇托州立大学,获得体育管理硕士学位。她创办的武校至今已风雨无阻地度过三十几个春秋。她还协助父母在《武林》、《生命在于运动》杂志发表了多篇武术拳套讲座,在《武术泰斗教你拳》丛书中出版了《王子平拳术套路精选》、《王子平拳术技法》、《王子平器械套路精选》。历年参与不同层次的国内和国际武术比赛裁判工作。致力推广王氏武术到各个领域, 她还与律师丈夫Dan Monnat 合作,把武术散打和孙子兵法相结合,编写了《藏龙卧虎,功夫计策胜庭战》,已成为世各地律师们的进修演讲课。2008年吴小高被评为“世界武林百杰”中的世界著名教练员。

Grandmaster Lucy Xiao-Ping Wu


Master Lucy Wu is Grandmaster Helen’s youngest sister who is teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi in the US

Master Xiao-Ping Wu began her traditional Wushu training at age three from her grandfather, Grandmaster Zi-Ping Wang, her mother, Ju-Rong Wang and her father, Cheng-De Wu. She has been immersed in traditions of Chinese martial arts for most of her life. She did several more years of clinical studies under her father, Dr. Cheng-De Wu, focusing on sports medicine inShanghaiandHouston. She has carried on the family tradition of life-long study and promotion of Chinese martial arts and medicine.

Master Xiao-Ping Wu pursued advanced study of several Tai-Chi Chuan styles under some of China’s best masters. She studied Chen style Tai-Chi under Gu Lu-Xing, Fang Zhi-Qiang and He Bing-Quan. Gu Lu-Xing and Fu Zhong-Wen gave her further instruction in Yang Style Tai-Chi. She studied Wu Style Tai-Chi under Ma Yue-liang and Wu Ying-Hua. For additional internal style instruction, she studied Ba-Gua and Xin-Yi-Liu-He Chuan under Li Zhun-Si. It is no surprise that with such a background, Master Xiao-Ping Wu has competed and judged at so many martial arts tournaments. She is currently the Director of the Houston Tai-Chi Kung-Fu Health Academy.